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Sales Service
We have formed a perfect service network in the country, with a high-quality maintenance services team. So far, has been established in the country in east China, South China, North China, northwest, southwest, northeast, southwest, Xinjiang and other 10 by the company appointed maintenance experience after-sales service staff composed of after-sales service center, and established more than 500 A special maintenance network, the formation of the radiation of the technical service center branch of the regional technical service center special maintenance network of three maintenance service system. All products available are strictly in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law", "People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law", "part of the product repair, replacement, return liability" and other relevant national laws and regulations, the implementation of three bags of services, Commitment.
Service Process
1, dial service hotline
2, please provide product invoice number and product code [product bar code
3, the service center to arrange engineers home
4, engineers to provide quality services at the same time, will explain the use of common sense for you
5, your service information will be fed back to the company
6, timely follow-up service status, to ensure your satisfaction

Warranty Description
respected user:
Hello! Thank you very much for your choice of easy snow products and services, we will provide you with warm, fast, professional and thoughtful service. With this warranty certificate and purchase invoice to our headquarters in the local warranty point, you can enjoy the warranty service.
1, the warranty statement is based on the national "People's Republic of China are all rights and interests of the Protection Act" and August 25, 1995 promulgated the "part of the business
Proof of goods returned to return the responsibility of the provisions of "and the development.
2, please be sure to save a warranty certificate and merchandise purchase invoice as a warranty certificate;
3, the product from the date of purchase [subject to the date of invoice] within one year for the warranty period;
4, the product has been sold, not for the outside surface quality Baohuan, Baotui and missing pieces of the problem;
5, in the warranty period, according to the correct use of the product, it is indeed a bad product caused by the failure of the warranty are Fan Fan; 6, one of the following circumstances, the contents of non-warranty products, we will implement the preferential service:
1) Warranty expired or no warranty certificate and invoice products;
2) product warranty card, purchase invoice does not match or change the phenomenon;
3) the user transport, improper custody and damage. The use of the voltage exceeds the specified range [187-242V] and damage;
4) self-dismantling repair and repair of non-repair personnel of the company caused by the failure;
5) lamps, glass, plastic boxes, net blue and other vulnerable products and random accessories are not covered by the warranty;
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