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YIXUE refrigeration is a professional manufacturer for refrigeration equipment and commercial refrigeration equipment, Specially for the research and development of the edible fungus cooling fan and refrigeration equipment and corrosion air cooler, evaporator, condenser, China refrigeration association unit members, with more than 20 years experience in product design and manufacturing, providing all kinds of non-standard evaporator, condenser, technical consultation.
Main products:
(A), The cooling fan series (evaporator) : High temperature cooling fan, fan, Low temperature cooking fan, Super-low temperature cooling fan, Anti-burst cooling fan, stainless steel fan cooling fan, Large heat pump evaporator (V, W) (model: Top ceiling cooling fan, Pendant cooling fan, Side air suction cooling fan, Double sides air cooling fan and others wind patterns.)

(B), Condenser Series: FNH type condenser, FNV type condenser, FNV type FNW module chassis type condenser, FNL, FNU type condenser, puts the central air conditioning, water condenser, dry expansion cooler.

(C), Refrigeration unit series: Full sealed air cooled condensing units, semi-sealed air cooled condensing units, full sealed water-cooled condensing units, semi-sealed water-cooled condensing units, semi-sealed refrigeration units in parallel, industrial water chillers, semi-sealed low temperature screw refrigerating unit, outdoor unit, one-piece refrigeration unit.

Scope of Application: Refrigeration industry, the food bank (fresh, frozen library, frozen library); Agriculture, Tea, Mushroom library (also known as the fungus mushroom library), vegetables, fruits library, Medical library; Slaughter; Dairy products, oil, chemical industry, industrial cold water, factory cold water air conditioner ; Assort with the complete set of central air conditioning host etc.

Although YIXUE products use the most leading technology and advanced equipment, Our company offering the most competitive price on the basis of absolutely quality guarantee and the interests of customers to expand the domestic market.

We providing the most advanced technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, excellent performance, high quality of YX snow brand refrigeration products to all of the distinguished customers!
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